A Regenerative  Shortwave Receiver


1 - 30 MHz with band spread tuning.


Regeneration with a difference.The regeneration setting on the KRC-2 is unaffected by the receiver tuning or the antenna coupling. How do we achieve this? The regenerative stage is fixed at 10.7MHz and used as an IF amplifier. The main receiver board is extremely simple to construct using only one transistor and an audio IC. Like all the KRC kits it comes with a comprehensive construction manual which brings this project well within the grasp of the keen constructor. It was referred to as "a very sensitive little receiver" by Rob Mannion of Practical Wireless. Its unconventional design and simplicity should amaze even the experienced constructor. Case size 7 x 4 x 4 inches. 6 x AA batteries supplied.

 £59.99 + p&p £5.00

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