90 Volt High Tension Battery Replacement


KRC - A - 2



A solid state replacement for a 90 volt HT battery. It operates from six AA batteries and comes complete with an EVER READY look alike case. This kit is a must for any wireless collector. The circuit has a current monitor that puts the inverter into "sleep mode" when the radio is switched off. In this mode the current drawn from the AA batteries is less than one micro amp so that the KRC-A-2 can be left in the receiver almost indefinitely. The inverter runs at 2.5 MHz giving interference free reception on the long wave band. The improved efficiency of this inverter means the battery life is now typically 8 hours using standard zinc carbon batteries. Size 2.5 x 1.8 x 3.9 inches. If you don't fancy attempting the build you can order this item ready built.



 Click on the image above to view  KRC-A-2 working in conjunction with a KRC-A-9 in a GEC BC1255 portable radio.

Kit £33.99 + p&p

Ready built £59.99 +p&p